Arab African International Bank, Cairo, Egypt

For over 50 years in business, We at the Arab African International Bank constantly seek new and innovative ways to maintain Confidence and Distinction Our Vision "To be the leading financial group in providing innovative services with a strong regional presence being the gateway for international business into the region." History Arab African International Bank was established by Special Law as a Joint Venture between the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), and was incorporated in 1964 as Egypt's first Arab multinational Bank. With each party holding a 49.37% stake, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Kuwait Investment Authority are the core of AAIB's shareholder base. With a history of solid banking tradition since its establishment, Arab African International Bank is Egypt's fastest growing bank in terms of size and profitability, with a compounded average growth rate for deposit and loan portfolios that has consistently outperformed market norms. These growth rates substantiated AAIB's vision to become the leading Financial Group in Egypt, providing innovative services with a strong regional presence and establishing itself as the gateway for international business into the region. The Bank saw a decade of unlimited growth allowing it to gain significant traction towards assuming a leading position among other Egyptian banks. AAIB is Egypt's only Private Bank with a full-fledged presence in the Gulf region that maintains its core competency as a Corporate Bank. It is also continually taking massive strides in retail activities through expanding its product range and on the ground presence in commercially strategic locations. From a Bank to a Financial Group As part of its mission to offer an ever-evolving array of services to the entire region, AAIB developed new business arms to that effect. The Bank's growth was propelled in 2008 with the establishment of four subsidiaries; Arab African Investment Holding (AAIH), Arab African Investment Management (AAIM), Arab African International Securities (AAIS) and Arab African International Mortgage Finance (AAIMF). The establishment of which transformed AAIB from a Bank to a full-fledged Financial Group. Corporate Social Responsibility Whilst undertaking a mission of achieving limitless growth, AAIB's foresight in terms of social consciousness became reality as early as 2003, with a belief that brands must be inspirational in a socially responsible manner. AAIB embraced a transformative idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) being an engrained component of AAIB's Core Values System. Applying this with a distinctively unique approach, AAIB set the trend for Sustainable Finance with Value Creation. Aside from being a recipient of world renowned Banking and Finance Awards throughout the past decade, AAIB's CSR and Sustainability practices were recognized in 2012 by Arabia CSR Network, who presented AAIB with a special award for being the first bank in Egypt and the region to establish its own Foundation for Social Development in Health and Education: We Owe It to Egypt. Call: 19555 (24/7)
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Arab African International Bank, Cairo, Egypt

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