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Study and Work as a MO/specialist in variety of fields in MALDIVES after completing your MBBS , and start your career right away :) Here are the info regarding working as Medical Officer in Maldives. First of all,you have to send me all of the academic certificates as listed below. Documents you need to fulfill the official requirement. All documents should be clearly scanned along with the forms attached. 1. Passport(valid atleast till 2015) 2. Undergraduate Medical degree 3. Proof of internship. 4. Certificate of Registration at any liscencing authority. 5. Post graduation/diploma medical certificate. 6. Letter of Verification (optional) 7.Good standing certificate ( optional) 8. Experience of 2 years excluding 1 year internship. Now I would like to explain some useful information regarding Maldives and working as doctor in Maldives. *Maldives.* * *Maldives,a muslim country is situated in the south of south asia.about 700km south west to Sri lanka and 400km south to south India.The country has population of about 0.4 million.(4 lakh) The country have about 1900 islands,among them about 250 are inhibited. The population of each island ranges from 1200~2000 people/island.The country is the richest country in south Asia having nominal GDP of $5,973 per capita. The local curreny of Maldives is MRF (Maldivian Ruffaiya) *1 MRF= 6.36 PKR* *Nature of Job* * * Doing job as a doctor in Maldives is quite easy. As the population is quite less,ultimately the patients are less too.Mostly a medical officer doing duty of 8 hours/day checks about 5~16 patients daily.Same for your position too. Most patients comes to hospital on weekends.i,e. Friday and Saturday.The numbers may exceed more than 30. Your Basic salary is 1500 $. However Some regional hospitals give good benefits too.i.e, if the number of patients exceed 20 ,the doctor wil be paid 4.5 $ extra per patient. Regarding the duty will be appointed to work from 8:00 til 16:00. or 16;00 till 24:00 i.e, 8 hours daily=40 hours / week. Work done apart beyond these timings will be concluded as your over time duty. Work done on weekends will also be your over time duty too.You will be paid extra bonus for that i.e, Over time done between 8;00 to 24:00 is 25 MRF/hour Over time done between 24:00 to 8:00 is 45 MRF/hour *Accomodation *; Regarding accomodation,you will have two options. *1)* you will be given a house in the hospital campus having 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms,tv lounge,kitchen,washing machine and small courtyard.The house will be well furnished.No need to pay for electric,water,or any other tax etc.No concept of load shieding too. *2)* if you don't like to live in campus,you can hire any other house/appartment . In this case,the hospital will grant you a sum of 2000 MRF apart from your salary. These hired houses are well furnished too. You don't have to pay for any extra charges.The rent+electric +water+tax will be about 1000~1500 MRF,depending upon the conditions and area. here you can save some out of 2000 MRF . *Process of Documentation.* Your documents will be forwarded to the Maldives Medical Council after getting response from the administration of hospital. You have to fill a form to get registered in MMC.(Maldives Maldives Council) Once rejistered the MMC will forward your documents to MOH. MOH will issue a approval letter and will be sent to Hospital Hospital will issue you an invitation letter.On your invitation letter,everything about your salary will be clearly mentioned too. You have to sign the invitation letter and send back to me to forward it to MOH,to issue Work permit for you. Work permit letter will be issued within 1 week after the signed invitation letter is forwaded. You have to grab ticket and land at Male within 2 weeks from the day you get your work permit. You should have invitation letter and work permit while traveing because when you land in Male,your passport will be stamped by the immigration department at airport to have the right to work legally in Maldives. You will get work visa at Male airport. The whole process takes about 35~45 days. *Cost of Documentation.* You have to deposit a sum of non refundable 3500 $. Upon the deposition of 3500 $, you will be issued work permit and buy your own flight ticket. *Arrival at Male* A copy of your ticket should be emailed early a day before your fight so that the hospital representative will recieve you at airport and lead you to the hotel in Male.You have to submit your passport in MOH, and get your work permit card.It will take couple of days.After getting your work permit card,you will be leaded to the hospital. You dont have to pay for the hotel,work permit card,travel expenses to the hospital.All these expenditure are arranged by MOH . You have to pay for your food expenses only. Your salary will start from the day you land in Male. *Arrival at hospital* : Submit your ticket to the hospital administration,the hospital will refund your ticket valued from Male to colombo,i.e, approx 210~250 $. you will be given a contract of 1 year,if you want to extend that,it can be extended after completion of 1 year.depending on your wish. Due to any reason,if you want to resign within the first 3 months after signing the contract,you can resign at any time. After passage of first 3 months,you have to inform 3 months before for resign. After completion of 1 year, the hospital will grant you free return ticket to your homeland along with the travel allowances for leave of 1 month. During the 1st year,if you want to go home,you can have leave of 2~3 weeks,called as emergency leave.In this situation,all you have to manage and no any travel allowances will be provided from hospital. *Patient's language;* ** The local language is Dhivelhi.It has alot of urdu,hindi,arabic words. Most of the doctors learn Dhivelhi within 2-3 months,if he/she takes interest. While dealing with patient,you will be provided an english translater,who will help you to understand the patient. Majority of the medicines are imported from Pakistan,india. Some of the common words of Dhivelhi are; Aanda=Egg. Ro shi= Bread Fish= Fish Murghi = Chicken. Keenu Haal = How are you Ministry of Health,Maldives. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- , here is detail description of salary of doctors. Please see details as follows in $. Salary per month: Rf.7875 @ 15.42 Rf = 510 $ Allowance per month: Rf.7772 @ 15.42 RF = 505 $ Accommodation: Rf 2000 @ 15.42 Rf = 130 $ Risk Allowance: Rf.3000 @ 15.42 Rf = 195 $ shift Allowance month: Rf 3000 @ 15.42 Rf = 195 $ Duty Time Pay: RF 6000 @ 15.42 Rf = 390 $ it calculated @ 25 RF /per hrs for 8 hrs but for night duty it is 40 RF /per hrs 8hrs ______________________________ Total pay RF 29750 @ 15.42 RF = 1925 $ + overtime day 1.7 $ per hr, Night 1.9$ per hr Call: +923366134641
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Doctors In Maldives

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