Doctors (novel)

Doctors is a 1988 novel by Erich Segal that deals with the Harvard Medical School class of 1962, with emphasis on the two main characters, Barney Livingston and Laura Castellano. They grew up next to each other and always aspired to be doctors, eventually ending up in medical school together. There they meet the other characters who also came to become doctors, viz., Bennett Landsman, Seth Lazarus, Hank Dwyer, Peter Wyman, Grete Anderson, and Lance Mortimer among others. Some of the other doctors mentioned in the novel who leave a strong impression on readers' minds are: Dr. Luis Castellano, Laura's father, Dean Courtney Holmes at Harvard, Andrew Himmerman, Marshall Jaffe, Paul Rhodes and Toivo Karvonen.It is one of the more realistic depictions of medical professionals and scientific researchers in the domain, apart from the usual emotional plot. The issues of medical and research ethics and euthanasia also form integral parts of the whole plot.PlotStar basketball player Barney Livingston and the beautiful and brilliant Laura Castellano are neighbors in Brooklyn who are as close as siblings. After graduating from Midwood High School in 1954 Livingston attends Columbia University and Castellano Radcliffe College, and both enter Harvard Medical School in 1958; he wants to become a psychiatrist, and she is drawn to pediatrics. Others include Rhodes Scholar Bennett Landsmann, the wealthy black adoptee of Jewish parents; former Jesuit Hank Dwyer; former Miss Oregon Grete Anderson; and top students Peter Wyman and Seth Lazarus.
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Doctors (novel)

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