Just For Fun, Austin, United States

Just For Fun Watercraft Rental in Austin, TX is your go to provider for all boats and a variety of watercrafts for your Lake Travis experience. Just For Fun Watercraft Rental is a family owned and operated business based in Austin, TX, and is your provider for all of your Lake Travis needs. Planning a party, corporate outing, or any event? The best parties ever are on Just for Fun Party Barges! Just for Fun Watercraft Rentals is the Party Barge Headquarters of Texas. At Just for Fun Watercraft Rentals, we know your playtime is valuable. Allow our expert and courteous staff to make the most of your recreation time. Just for Fun provides a variety of watercraft options to the public in a professional and friendly manner with emphasis on customer value, satisfaction, safety and enjoyment at all times. Choose from a variety of watercraft options including wave runners, ski boats, pontoon boats, house boats, and party barges! Booking your watercraft is easier than ever now with our online reservations. And if this is your first time with a certain watercraft, no worries, we will help you with everything you need with our orientation that will prepare you to safely use all of our rented equipment. We are here to help you have the most enjoyable time possible on the lake. Because we know, everything is more fun on the water! 5973 Hiline Rd 78734 Austin United States Call: (512) 266-9710
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Just For Fun, Austin, United States

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