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❤Follow us on Twitter☛ -Game Story- It was all in ancient times, when the evil Lich King opened the gate of dark, and sent his undead legions attempting to take over the terrestrial world. The humans and the orcs joined forces to protect this land. In the seeking of survival and freedom, young heroes from all races formed large or small teams to start their adventures. And their only faith and duty, is to eliminate the Lich King! As one member of the humans, you have to go through the most severe tests, in the guidance of wise men; Be aware of threats of the Undead, tricks of the Liches, and the betrayal of trusted friends; Mystic mages, beautiful elves, and strong dwarfs are always your loyal companions; Get ready for your glorious journey, and write your new history, from City of Light to the Storm City. Brilliance and justice, are the duty of all heroes! -Post your questions here- GMs: EN - Nancy | FR - Tracy | DE - Christina Müller | IT - Giannili | ES - Jeniffer | ID - Mellise | PT - Thiago | Turkish - Gülşen
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Duty Of Heroes Community

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