Bangkok Bobble Football, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Bobble Football is Bangkok's newest football activity, where players wear a 'bobble' suit to bump, bounce and bobble around the pitch. Now you may be thinking 'What is bobble football?' and we wouldn't blame you if you are. Bobble football is a brand new sport that is 'blowing up' (sorry for the pun!) in America & Europe. The sport incorporates all the fun of zorbing & one of Thailand's favourite sports; football. Get a group of friends together & pair off into 2 teams so you can run, bump, bash, bobble & roll yourselves to victory. The aim of the game is simple: It's a game of 2 halves where you have to score more goals than your opponent. Will you be a Gareth 'Bobble' Bale, or will you flop around like a Titus 'Bobble' Bramble? Sukhumvit 10400 Bangkok Thailand Call: +66942068360
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Bangkok Bobble Football, Bangkok, Thailand

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