Laredo Community College, Laredo, United States

Laredo Community College, known as LCC, was established as Laredo Junior College on September 28, 1947, by the Laredo Independent School District in Laredo, the county seat of Webb County in south Texas. It adopted the present name in 1993.As defined by the Texas Legislature, the official service area of LCC includes the municipality of Laredo and all of Webb, Jim Hogg and Zapata counties.Finances and enrollmentsBudgets and taxesThe 2012–2013 LCC budget was approximately $50 million. The student tuition and fee share of the budget doubled in a decade from 18 to 36 percent.The 2011–2012 LCC budget was $48.3 million, or a decrease of $1.43 million from the preceding year.The college property tax rate of $0.2365 per $100 of assessed valuation declined slightly in the 2012–2013 budget. Unlike many other community colleges in Texas which can reach into the county or adjoining counties for purposes of taxation, LCC can levy property taxers only within the City of Laredo. Some 40 percent of the 2012–2013 LCC budget is derived from property taxes.Enrollment figuresEnrollment for the fall of 2013 was 8,732, a decrease of 602 or 6.4 percent from 2012. Enrolment peaked in 2011 at 10,046.In 2010, LCC had 210 faculty and 300 classified staff personnel.LCC enrollment dropped for the fourth consecutive year in the spring of 2015 by 4.3 percent from 2014, attributed to changes in the local employment marked. Call: (956) 721-5140
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Laredo Community College, Laredo, United States

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