GMAX Reverse Bungy Egypt, 6 October City, Egypt

GMAX Reverse Bungy is the ultimate adrenaline fun experience in Egypt!! REVERSE BUNGY NEW ZEALAND LTD now brings you the newest adrenalin experience for the FIRST TIME in the Middle East, here in Egypt :) REVERSE BUNGY NEW ZEALAND LTD is a company from New Zealand who specialize in the manufacture and operation of extreme attractions such as GMAX. They have 10 years of international experience operating in 11 countries including England, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, China, New Zealand, Mexico and most recently Chile, Turkey and Brazil. The GMAX Reverse Bungy is designed by Troy Griffin in New Zealand & is installed in Egypt by him. Sooooo, What is GMAX ? The best way to describe GMAX is to compare it to a giant “human slingshot!!!” The GMAX Experience GMAX is high thrill, high adrenalin adventure ride that nearly everyone can enjoy. Our unique products focus on maximizing thrills and adventure with complete safety. GMAX is perceived to be less intimidating than conventional bungy jumping based on the fact that riders start at ground level not having to overcome the initial height factor associated with conventional bungy jumping. BUT….. Anyone who has ridden GMAX will agree it's NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED!!! Riders reach heights of more than 50m, at a speed of 200km/h, while rotating 360 degrees A truly unique experience!!!! ARE YOU UP TO IT? ;) Call: +2 01143411587
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GMAX Reverse Bungy Egypt, 6 October City, Egypt

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