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Match ice creams before they melt! Trace lines of same-flavored scoops to treat all kids in the world to the freshly frozen dainty. You are about to set off on a global Ice Cream mission! Massive disappearance of ice cream is reported in all corners of the world. You need to bring the favorite cool dessert back to kids. Trace creamy lines of freshly frozen ice creams to collect all necessary ingredients and get rid of the odd ones. Orange eskimo pies, red strawberry gelatos, blue ice cream cones, violet popsicles - there’ll be lots of flavors and colors for you to match together. --Play in a hot desert, tropical jungle, snowy forest and even a water town --Clear sticky jellies away not to spoil the taste --Bring down as many milk packages as you can - let’s make it creamy! --Use striped & rainbow ice candies - and everything will be ice Ice-cream-ify the world! Ice Cream Splash is a free-to-play game that contains optional in-app purchases which may improve your score.
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Ice Cream Splash Community

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