Sexten, Sexten, Italy

Sexten is a comune in South Tyrol in northern Italy. The town is famous as a summer and winter sport resort in the mountains.According to the 2011 census, 95.37% of the population speak German, 4.36% Italian and 0.27% Ladin as first language.GeographyThe town sits in a branch of the Puster Valley, near Innichen and Toblach, where the Drava rises. The district borders East Tyrol, Austria, to the north and the border is formed by the Carinthian Alps. To the south lie the eponymous Sextener Dolomites and nature park, which includes the famous Drei Zinnen (Tre Cime di Lavaredo).The commune is bordered, clockwise from the west, by Toblach, Innichen, Sillian (Austria), Kartitsch (Austria), Comelico Superiore (Belluno) and Auronzo di Cadore, (Belluno).HistoryThe village's name is of Latin origin: ad horam sexta, meaning "at six-hour", referred to its location south to Innichen. Sexta is documented starting from 965 AD. During World War I, Sexten was on the front line between Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and suffered much damage. Call: <>
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Sexten, Sexten, Italy

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