Alien Sex Fiend

Alien Sex Fiend are an English deathrock band, formed in London in 1982. The current lineup of the band consists of Nik Fiend and Mrs. Fiend.HistoryAlien Sex Fiend were formed by Nik Wade, Christine Wade, David James and Johnny Freshwater in late 1982 at the Batcave club in London . The band became known in the gothic scene for its dark, electronic industrial-leaning sound, heavy samples and loops, and manic vocals. Wade had previously been a member of the Alice Cooper-influenced bands The Earwigs and Mr. & Mrs. Demeanour, and later the punk band Demon Preacher .Alien Sex Fiend recorded a cassette with Youth of Killing Joke, which brought them to the attention of the UK music press, along with the appearance of their track "R.I.P." on the Batcave club compilation, The Batcave: Young Limbs and Numb Hymns 1983, released by London Records in 1983.They signed to the Cherry Red sub-label Anagram Records, releasing their first single, "Ignore the Machine", in August 1983. The single was immediately successful on the UK Independent Chart, reaching No. 6, with a further 11 singles and five albums reaching top 20 positions in the chart in the period up to 1987.
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Alien Sex Fiend

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