Sexy Poker

Sexy Poker is a strip poker video game by Gameloft originally released for mobile phone platforms in 2004. A WiiWare version was released in North America on August 3, 2009 and in Europe on September 25, 2009. It is the first ESRB M-rated game to be released for WiiWare.OverviewThe objective of the game is for players to win hands in order to remove articles of clothing from their female opponents, which are either portrayed by still photographs or manga-style artwork. Along with 5-card draw or Texas hold 'em poker, players can also compete in video poker and blackjack. The game also features a photo gallery mode.The original game was followed by several sequels including Sexy Poker 2006, Sexy Poker Manga, Sexy Poker Top Models and Sexy Poker Pixel. Compared to the mobile phone versions, the WiiWare version does not feature any nudity.ControversyThe WiiWare version of 'Poker' has been refused classification by the Australian Classification Board, with issues raised with the game's use of nudity as an incentive or reward for players, which is prohibited by the Office's current classification guidelines. The game was edited worldwide to rid nudity (whether this was due to problems with its ban in Australia is unknown) and this version of the game didn't even receive a MA15+ rating but a more lucrative M rating due to sexual references.
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Sexy Poker

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