Software Design Engineer in Test

SDET, Software Development Engineer in Test, is a term believed to be originated from Microsoft. Contrary to the common notion, the SDET is also a developer. More often the role is assumed as a manual tester, and some times considered as a Quality Assurance. The SDET is part of the development team and participates in the complete development process. The SDET must be able to create high quality, maintainable, and performant code. The code generally created by the SDET however are for automated test cases and the frameworks to execute and report them. An SDET's knowledge of software design is often focused on testability, robustness, and performance, and they usually play a contributory or reviewer role in the creation of designs for production software. An SDETs skill set will often include more experience in software processes and how to test software.
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Software Design Engineer in Test

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