Wit (software)

Wit, the Webra Issue Tracker is a web based project management software with time and bug tracking features developed by Webra International, LLC. Provided as Software as a service, Wit is platform independent and accessible via a web-browser.Wit uses tasks as the basis of the work flow. A call or e-mail generates a task within a project which can be updated, assigned and resolved on the web interface. Clients also can enter their problems on their own and project managers can solve or delegate these tasks to other problem solvers.Features Project management Time tracking Charts and graphs Customizable reports with PDF, TSV, CSV exportLicensingWit is proprietary software currently available in English and Hungarian, translations into additional languages are planned.See also Project management software List of project management software Project management Time tracking software Comparison of time tracking software Bug tracking system Web 2.0
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Wit (software)

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