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Welcome to the official League of Angels fan page! Play --> League of Angels, 2014's best free to play browser MMORPG, is now available on Facebook! The game combines the fast paced turn-based combat, with beautiful hand drawn art, not yet seen in other browser games. League of Angels features a number of unique PVE and PVP modes: - Single Player Dungeons - Rouge-like Mode - Multiplayer Dungeons - Arena Battles - Cross Server Battles Aside from these various modes, League of Angels has lots of mini games that allow players to further buff up their party: - Gemology: Play a daily match 3 game to get extra gems, which can be embedded in your gear. - The Tide Pool: Go fishing to get special prizes, but this isn’t your daddy’s fishing mode! - The Spire: Climb the Spire to get special gems that enhance their heroes’ stats. - Raids: Steal puzzle pieces from other players to craft treasure chests. - Wyrm Race: Race your dragon across a dark canyon, while carrying chest full of gold! Click PLAY NOW to start your adventure!
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League of Angels - FB

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