Alperton Community School, Wembley, United Kingdom

Alperton Community School is a coeducational secondary school and sixth form with academy status, located in the Alperton area of the London Borough of Brent, England. It has approximately 1200 students.It is divided into two buildings: one on Ealing Road, near Alperton Station, and another one on Stanley Avenue. The Ealing Road site is known as the lower school (consisting of Years 7, 8 and 9), and the Stanley Avenue site is known as the upper school (consisting of Years 10, 11, 12 and 13).In June 2011, the school was deemed "Outstanding" in an Ofsted inspection report. The school converted to academy status in September 2012. A year after converting to its academy status, Ofsted deemed the school "Needs Improvement".HistoryAlperton Hall a mansion was purchased for a school to support the educational needs of the growing industrial town and opened in 1922 with the overseeing headmaster Mr Edmund Lightley. In 1928 the school adopted the name Wembley County School and the original mansion was demolished in 1938 to allow for a new appropriate site to be built for a traditional grammar school.A separate school on Ealing Road named Alperton County Mixed School was developed in 1948 on a new site near Alperton tube station on Kennedy's Farm which required the demolition of the adjacent Joy Cottages sitting alongside the station. The requirement grew from the previous local school named Alperton School, which had existed since 1876 on a site now hosting the Shree Sanatan Hindu temple, becoming inappropriate due to the Education Act of 1944 and the increased demand because of area growth. In 1957 the school was split into Alperton Boys and Alperton Girls both being shaped into secondary moderns with Mr T. Hostler as headmaster for boys and Miss J. Dawson head teacher for girls respectively, although officially the girls site was not completed until 1962. Stanley Avenue HA0 4PW (Ealing Road), HA0 4JE (Stanley Avenue) Wembley United Kingdom Call: 020 8902 2038
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Alperton Community School, Wembley, United Kingdom

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