Japankuru, Taito-ku, Japan

☆Let's link the world and share our Japanese stories☆日本語☆한국어☆English☆中文☆ If you like sushi, manga, anime, J-pop, samurai, green tea, kimono, matsuri, travel and blah blah blah, you definitely would like ☆Japankuru☆ We welcome all of you who loves Japan, are interested in Japan, or even has limited understanding about Japan. Everyday, we'd like to share with you the we experienced. No matter if you're Japanese, you will again get to know the ! 毎日、私達が直接触れている<日本の魅力>をこちら日本から発信します!日本人のあなたも、日本の魅力を改めて感じましょう! 많은 분들께서 일본에 오시는 하나의 계기가 되길 바라며 오늘도 일본의 있는 모습 그대로를 생생 리포트합니다 ! 每天,我們會與您分享我們直接體會到的<日本魅力>, 不論您是日本人或是外國人, 您會再次感受到日本的魅力! 東上野4丁目8-1 1100015 Taito-ku Japan Call: 03-6860-7011
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Japankuru, Taito-ku, Japan

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