Iqra University North Campus, Karachi, Pakistan

Welcome to Iqra University North Campus! The No. 1 General Private University in Pakistan! With the inception of its North Campus, Iqra University once again raises the bar. We persevere on a three prong strategy; to build knowledge, skill and attitude. At IUNC we ensure that our students not only graduate equipped with these traits, but also prove a valuable member of society. We place priority on results, empowering our students to act in a straightforward, efficient manner. Our curriculum takes its cues from challenges faced by today’s corporate world, with a major emphasis on Essential Employability Skills. At the same time, we persist with an environment conducive for research. Our access to wide range of on-line journals, a huge collection of variety of books & periodicals in library, our computer labs with internet access, and our continuous mentoring for researchers by senior faculty members speak of our commitment to push the boundaries of knowledge. Thanks to its inspired leadership, IUNC takes a leaf out of its sister campuses and pledges to uphold the standards of IU brand. We have experienced, qualified, and friendly faculty members to facilitate our students in learning. We are proud of our students that graduate from IU, and we strive to make our students proud to be a part of IU. Welcome to Iqra University North Campus. Call: 111-11-IQRA
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Iqra University North Campus, Karachi, Pakistan

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