Professional Passenger Services, Midrand, South Africa

Offering you chauffeur and shuttle services through innovative technology, using real time booking and online management systems “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” These words by Wiliam Arthur Ward are the inspiration that drives the woman and men that are the essence of Professional Passenger Services. Since 1996 this spirit has made Professional Passenger Services the industry innovator, continually revolutionising the way we deliver our bespoke shuttle, chauffeur and tour services to you. Persistently imagining and creating superior ways to service our clients, tirelessly dreaming of outstanding ways of delivering mobility to our passengers, becoming your operator of choice. Professional Passenger Services with more than 80 years combined industry experience and knowledge is a story of inspiration. Having started as a one man enterprise it is now one of the largest privately owned shuttle and chauffeur companies in South Africa. To achieve we must have done something right, be it providing innovative transport solutions for a simple airport shuttle or a complicated multi-leg chauffeur service to exciting day tours and revolutionary coach charter services, whether it is our dynamic technological advantage with our online real time quoting and booking tool powered by Tousca, or could it be that we care to be of service, service to our clients, to each other and to our community or quite simply is it a combination of them all? Why not be the judge and you decide, book any one of our various services with our online real time booking tool, experience the efficiency of our technology, the reliability of our service, the hospitality of our drivers and the fluency of our processes and then you decide. Professional Passenger Services is an everyday, 24 hour prebooked passenger transport solution for one or many, private or corporate. A flexible, secure and dependable operator offering an exclusive experience in the greatest of comfort with uncompromising delivery. Welcome to Professional Passenger Services, welcome to your online passenger transport solution. 3/458 West Street, Glen Austin 1685 Midrand South Africa Call: +27 10 590 1120
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Professional Passenger Services, Midrand, South Africa

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