Peopleplus Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.

Headquartered in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Peopleplus has had the privilege of providing services to a number of the world's leading IT and non IT companies. A market acknowledged leader for core R&D skills and IT skills like VLSI, Embedded, Telecom and Wireline & Wireless technologies; Peopleplus has in the past few years expanded into making serious contributions in providing staffing solutions to other verticals like Engineering, Manufacturing, Energy, Aerospace and Process industries. Apart from staffing, we have also excelled in assisting in setting up Offshore Development Centres for overseas companies looking to set up Design and Development Centres in Bangalore. Thanks to our extensive online presence and noteworthy clientele, we are a known face both in the industry as well as among potential candidates. This helps us to constantly expand our candidate horizons, keeping both our clients and candidates interested in what we do. Call: +91 080 40313999
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Peopleplus Professional Services Pvt. Ltd.

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