SC Professional Services, Las Vegas, United States

SC Professional Services specializes in business services. Our Services Consultant: SC Professional Services provide consulting services to political campaigns, nonprofit groups, and private-sector companies for their personal professional and business needs. Event Planner: SC Professional Services organizes special events for clients. The role we play help orchestrate, direct and create great family reunions, charity work functions and other special events. Business Solutions: SC Professional Services collaborative business partnerships and deals for the best interest of each individual client professional and business needs for greater capital gain. Public Relations. Press Releases and Advisories: We prepare media advisories and press releases for our clients’ individual needs. We use social media tools such as, Facebook and Twitter to share every client personal message. Focus Groups/ Surveys We gather public opinion and insight to get customers perspective opinions about research, products and services. Focus groups participants ask questions and express their feelings concerning a product, service, business and political candidate. The data is collected from various demographics of customers and groups. Mobile Notary Public: Searching for a notary public can be time consuming. This is why we bring our services to you. A traveling notary public is available when needed. Call: (702) 349-5983
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SC Professional Services, Las Vegas, United States

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