Professional Wedding Services by Sha'ar Events, Alley, Lebanon

Organize your dream wedding with one of the most professional event organizer in town. As an event organizer we are professional enough to ensure you that we put you in the no stress zone with maximum comfort while while we do our job to organizing your wedding/events head-to-toe. Our team of professional designers is ready to design for you exclusive ideas starting by flower designs (entrance, cousha, tables ... etc.) and ending by sound and lighting to build up a coherent event. In collaboration with Ets. Jihad Chahine we can offer you all kind of rental equipment for all occasions: Tables, Chairs, Tents, Umbrella, Cutlery, Chair covers, Table Covers, Organza, Cutlery Catering, Flatware, Hot Cabinets, Chocolate Fountains, and much more .. Furthermore, we present the finest and most luxurious tableware with the silverware cutlery, the special show plate with different colors, the sophisticated napkin rings, the original white lounge, the bamboo lounge, the Plexy, Tiffany, Kartel and Napoleon chairs (silver, white & gold). You can choose from our vast variety to satisfy your need with the best quality, service and prices. Call: 03/410033
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Professional Wedding Services by Sha'ar Events, Alley, Lebanon

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Found: 18.10.2015


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