Labette Community College, Parsons, United States

Labette Community College is a two-year accredited college located in Labette County within southeast Kansas. LCC's main campus is situated within Labette County’s most populous city Parsons, Kansas, and was first established in the fall of 1923 as Parsons Junior College. Satellite campuses are located in Cherokee, Oswego and Pittsburg. The mascot of the school is Chris the Cardinal. The official school colors are red and white.HistoryThe College was initially financed and operated as a part of the public school system of Parsons as a two-year extension program of the Senior High School. Until 1935, the Parsons Junior College was operated as a two-year unit, and was a jumping off point for students desiring to continue their education at a four-year university. In 1935 however, the schools of Parsons became organized into a 6-4-4 basis. Under this new system, the Junior College was a new four-year system, and instructed grades eleven, twelve, thirteen, and fourteen inclusively.1Like most Community Colleges and Junior Colleges, Parsons Junior College was first established to answer the ever increasing demands for better public school systems. With the arrival of the MKT Railroad in Parsons, the city began to grow rapidly, requiring Parsons to adapt and create new institutions to help meet the community's educational needs.5 Like most rural towns that contain a community college or university, Parsons Junior College served as one of the main focal points of the community as it provided a two-year Associates program for higher education through 1935. 200 S 14th St 67357 Parsons United States Call: (620) 421-6700
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Labette Community College, Parsons, United States

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