YCTC, Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon City Training Center (YCTC) YCTC Business Institute is a network of Business Executives from Various Companies in Myanmar. YCTC offers ABE(UK) Diploma in Business Management (6 Months), Diploma in Marketing Management (6 Months), Higher Diploma in Business Management (1 Year), Graduate Diploma in Business Management (6 Months), The most well-known programs are Executive Certificate in Business Management (6 Weeks) (Accredited & Awarded by PASAS Singapore), Cert in Leadership & Organizational Development, Professional Cert in Marketing Management, Cert in Human Resource Management, Cert in Financial Management, Cert in Customer Service Management. YCTC also offers MBA from Management & Science University (MSU) Malaysia. YCTC also offers Executive Seminar in Logistics & Supply Chain Management with affiliation of Purchasing & Supply Association Singapore. YCTC close on very MONDAY..We open from Tuesday to Sunday. Please contact to (01)393076, (09)420118100, (09)250 640 429. Call: (01)393076, (09)420118100,(09)250640429 (Close on Monday)
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YCTC, Yangon, Myanmar

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