University of Education, Lahore

The University of Education, is a public research university located in a residential area of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is a multi–campus university whose institutions and campus are located in different metropolitan cities of Punjab province of Pakistan.Established in 2002, it offers undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes in various academic disciplines including arts and science. Approximately 13,000 students attend the university. It was ranked as one of the top institutions of higher learning in Pakistan by Higher Education Commission in 2010. The university's official policy is aimed towards stimulating ambiance to give its scholars a cutting-edge research in today's world of competition and professionalism.CampusesLower Mall Lahore CampusThe Lower Mall Campus is one of the oldest campuses of the University of Education. A scheme for the establishment of a teacher training college in Punjab was launched by Lt. Col. W.R.M Holroyd, the then Director of Public Instruction, Punjab in the year 1877-78. The Govt. of Punjab sanctioned this proposal and the Central Training College (CTC) was established in the Old Normal Scool building in Huzuri Baagh in 1880 with the objectives:To prepare men for employment as teachers in English and vernacular schools for secondary education To train men for the practical art of teaching and school management To train men to be able to teach various subjects through the medium of English language Prof. R.Dick was the first principal of the college. The vernacular classes started in 1880 while teaching through the medium of English started in February 1881. The classes were for some time held in the building of the Govt. College, Lahore and at the completion of the building (with financial assistance from Rai Mela Ram, a philanthropist), the classes were shifted to the present campus in 1887. In the year 1902, CTC became the first institution in the subcontinent to offer Bachelor of Teaching (BT) program in affiliation with the University of the Punjab, Lahore.
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University of Education, Lahore

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