EducationUSA Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Welcome to EducationUSA Bangladesh! This is part of a global network which has over 400 international student advising centers in more than 170 countries. Welcome to the official Facebook page of EducationUSA Bangladesh! As the U.S. government’s only official source of information on higher education, students can count on us for accurate and unbiased information about the entire range of American higher education institutions and programs. Personalized counseling, weekly group advising programs, as well as a goldmine of reference guides, university catalogs, and standardized test prep materials are all available at EducationUSA Bangladesh at the American Center, Dhaka. We also host FREE seminars throughout the year on various topics. Seminars are open to both members and non-members. Seminars include: • Picking the Right University for You • Writing Personal Statements • Money: Finding Financial Aid • Meeting accredited U.S. University representatives • A is to B: SAT, TOEFL, and Other Standardized Tests • Visa Seminar • Getting Ready to Go: Pre-departure Preparation Currently, there are three EducationUSA center across Bangladesh. Two out of three centers are located in Dhaka @ American center and @ EMK center. The other center is located in Chittagong @ Chitagong Independent University (CIU). J Block, Progoti Sharoni, Baridhara 1212 Dhaka Bangladesh Call: (88) (02) 5566 ext - 2000
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EducationUSA Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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