Frankfort Community High School, West Frankfort, United States

Frankfort Community High School is a public high school located in West Frankfort, Illinois serving grades 9 through 12. The campus consists of 5 buildings: FCHS Main School Building, Max Morris Gymnasium, FCHS Vocational Building, Johnson Field, and the FCHS Weight Training Facility. The school's enrollments is approximately 605, with about 150 per grade. FCHS serves as the only local high school for several neighboring communities, including Thompsonville and Zeigler. Being an iconic symbol of the town for over ninety four years, the school still serves the community as the only High School.HistoryIn 1919, West Frankfort High School and Frankfort Heights High School were consolidated to form Frankfort Community High School. The West Frankfort High School had been located in the Central Building. The Assembly Room there also served as a classroom, study hall, and library. The curriculum was limited in that no commercial subjects, manual training, or domestic arts could be offered. The first graduating class in 1913 had only one member. The Class of 1914 had four students and produced the first yearbook. In September, 1920, the high school was moved from the Central School to the annex of the First Baptist Church for one year, while the present building was being constructed. The student body had grown to 236, of whom 16 were seniors, and football was organized for the first time. In the fall of 1921, 300 students moved into the current Frankfort Community High School. It was designed by the nationally-known school architect, Mr. William B. Ittner of St. Louis, Missouri.With a student body growing to more than 1,000 students, a three-floor addition was added to the original high school in 1938. It consisted of classrooms, shop rooms, a cafeteria, a study hall/library, and a music room. Early in 1949, the construction of a modern gymnasium with a seating capacity of 4,000 was begun. It was dedicated on February 21, 1950. The new gymnasium enabled FCHS to offer its students an expanded program in physical education. It was named Max Morris Gymnasium in 1985. In 1981, a new Vocational Building was constructed on the corner of North Lincoln and East St. Louis Streets. This facility has enabled FCHS to offer an expanded vocational curriculum. 601 E Main St 62896 West Frankfort United States Call: (618) 932-3126
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Frankfort Community High School, West Frankfort, United States

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