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Facebook Page for the Wordpress website, that show you how to use Article Marketing, SEO and other Tools on a Wordpress Blog to build your real Online Business The main WordPress website (business blog) based on an Article Marketing structure to sharing FREE resources for Search Engine Optimization, Traffic Sources, Website Promotion, Quality Backlinks Building, Video Creation and Promotion, High Quality Software and Tools - essential things to know for any webmaster of a web site or blog, mainly of a WordPress website. To have a direct contact with me, from this place, please use the link: Thank you for your time to visit Facebook Page for WordPress Website ............................................. ............................................. Why It Works? Simple: Keyword-rich content. How is that possible with video? So easy: you upload your video with a keyword-rich title, description and a backlink to your site. The search engine spiders find the content and it shows up in organic search results pages quickly. If you submit keyword-rich content to the top Google Video, YouTube, MySpace and around 27 more relevant free video hosting services from more than 300 available online, you are going to get indexed quickly and your web site or blog will be relevant in the “eyes” of the 3 big search engines. You will also benefit from lots of quality backlinks to your web site – I hope now, from the articles from the past you may already know that benefit. There are two problems with this strategy, however: Spam and Persistence (how long you remain popular)… --------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------- Do you can obtain top results in Google and other search engines without being a SEO expert? An equilibrium in all components is the key to reach the goal. By keywords stuffing or any other exaggeration like this you`ll obtains only the contraire results. In the main people search for backlinks. „I need more backlinks”. Why is this important? PR rush! A higher PR means a better position in search engines, who bring more „organic” traffic for that keyword. In this place you can find more information about one way backlinks building. But don`t forget, in the Google`s eyes quality count. ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- Each serious blogger or webmaster have to learn about search engines, keywords, SEO, PR, backlinks, traffic, promotion and a lot of other sources useful for developing his “baby”. In many places you will see various offers about “secrets”, “top weapon”, “Google or AdWords domination”, “find the right keywords” …for a price, and many times you will not find there what you expect would be… Blogging is an Art… ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- The big search engines updates their algorithm often, day by day for a better way to show the best quality results in SERP`s and it’s absolutely critical do not fall into the trap of fail, by running, then following „the fastest” or „the latest great methods” for highly ranking in any or other search engine. Some things that was used for a while in the past such could been: keyword stuffing, blog spamming, link cloaking ant other the same methods are definitely on the blacklist for the three giants: Google, Bing or Yahoo, for sure these bad methods are not something that will keep your web site or blog in the long run. You will obtain only as your desired web site / blog to be banned for so such techniques, or simply will not get ranked nowhere; in this case all your time and efforts will be just… in vain. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- A higher PageRank is a tool desired by any webmaster and that arouses heated discussion. It is known as only Google`s employees knows the exact algorithm for PR and SERP classification for a website or blog. All the knowledge of the SEO experts id based on many tests in a long time period, their experience accumulated and a permanently monitoring in all the updates and changes of the big search engines. It is a part of the Art of Blogging. --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- How To Become A Professional Blogger By Using Article Marketing On A WordPress Website You can write one article, more, maybe even dozens. But in time your blog need hundreds, in years even thousands of articles. Where you will find so such resource of inspiration? Keep an eye into this place, in the near future I will share for free indeed unlimited resources for articles, or for writing quality articles. Until then, you need one more thing to know. You have to avoid publishing duplicate content, do not work just in vain. So, to send one article to so many blogs, article directories etc., you need a tool to rewrite, to spin your article content. A person with less knowledge will search on the internet and will use one whatever, or free – something so. I want just to stress you what it is important to search to a so such tool. ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ Most people are longing to start their own businesses. But do they know what it takes to become successful entrepreneurs? What about you? Which characteristics of successful entrepreneurs do you bring in the business you have or you intend to begin? Before going any further into the details, let me define an entrepreneur as someone, who makes money by starting businesses with some kind of financial risk-taking involved. Is that what you are? ------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------ The Gurus at all times claim that making money online is actually simple. And all you need is just a few simple tools basically a PC with web connection and a bank card to sign up with PayPal. But there are lots of things that the Gurus didn’t inform you or failed to emphasize the importance of doing things the way they do. ......................................................... .........................................................
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Wordpress Website | Article Marketing, SEO, tools

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