ACG School Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Educating and inspiring young people who will make a difference. ACG School Jakarta was developed to provide a continuous educational path, from Kindergarten to Year 11, in a spacious natural environment with excellent facilities. ACG School Jakarta is conveniently located in South Jakarta and easily accessible to the Ring Road, with well controlled entry and exit, low visibility and no perimeter roads. Our commitment is to keep the welfare and well-being of our students at the forefront. ACG School's dedication to developing the individual is reflected in our extra-curricular activities. These include Mandarin and English language classes, chess and a wide range of music tuition, sporting and culture opportunities, such as basketball, football, swimming, ballet and Sundanese dance. Leadership opportunities are also on offer. Our pastoral systems provide active support based on strong ties between family and school. We place high value on ensuring a secure environment in which each student is accepted and understood. Through top quality teaching, well-equipped classrooms, pleasant outdoor areas and a caring environment, ACG School offers a modern, safe and highly stimulating place of learning. Jl.Warung Jati Barat No 19 Pasar Minggu 12560 Jakarta Indonesia Call: (+62) 21 780 5636
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ACG School Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

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