Rethinking Schools, Milwaukee, United States A nonprofit publisher dedicated to strengthening public education through social justice teaching and education activism. We are the premier publication for the progressive education reform community. We are a non-profit publisher who publishes a quarterly magazine and books. Our focus is on teaching for social justice, anti-racist education, and issues of equity and equality in public education policy and practice today. Rethinking Schools remains firmly committed to equity and to the vision that public education is central to the creation of a humane, caring, multiracial democracy. While writing for a broad audience, Rethinking Schools emphasizes problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race. Throughout its history, Rethinking Schools has tried to balance classroom practice and educational theory. It is an activist publication, with articles written by and for teachers, parents, and students. Yet it also addresses key policy issues, such as vouchers and marketplace-oriented reforms, funding equity, and school-to-work. Brazilian educator Paulo Freire wrote that teachers should attempt to "live part of their dreams within their educational space." Rethinking Schools believes that classrooms can be places of hope, where students and teachers gain glimpses of the kind of society we could live in and where students learn the academic and critical skills needed to make that vision a reality. 1001 E Keefe Ave 53212 Milwaukee United States Call: (414) 964-9646
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Rethinking Schools, Milwaukee, United States

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