University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States

Hail to Pitt! Welcome to the official University of Pittsburgh Facebook page. The university that began in a humble log cabin has evolved into an internationally recognized center of learning and research. Medical breakthroughs, amazing discoveries, and brilliant victories dapple its long history. For more than 225 years, Pitt has been making the world healthier, safer, and more tolerant, but there is always more work to be done…Learn more about Pitt's history: We want you to participate in posting comments, sharing photos, links and videos with Pitt on Facebook. We encourage users to be respectful and civil with one another. Content generated by users on Pitt’s social media sites does not reflect the views, opinions or policies of the University. User content is not screened or approved by Pitt before it is posted. We reserve the right, while assuming no obligation, to allow page administrators to delete any content and report spam when necessary. 4200 Fifth Ave 15260 Pittsburgh United States Call: (412) 624-4238
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University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, United States

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