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Located in beautiful Albuquerque, New Mexico with branch campuses all over the state, UNM offers a variety of challenging programs to a wide variety of students. Check out what's coming to Popejoy, Lobo games, campus museums and the duck pond! Our Facebook Policy: Content on the University of New Mexico Facebook Page and the web sites that it links to may not reflect the views of the college. Comments and discussion may be moderated. Offensive comments (including, but not limited to, cursing, racist, sexist, homophobic or anti-Semetic statements) may be deleted, as will comments that insult, bully, threaten, harass or libel. Users who post such comments may be removed, banned, and/or reported to Facebook. Posts including but not limited to commercial and promotional material that are not related to UNM, its students, or its community may be deleted, and the users who posted them may be removed and/or banned. Comments that are unrelated to the original post or link may be deleted. Repeated off-topic or promotional postings may result in a permanent ban from the page. If you would like to submit a UNM-related link or event for posting or report a post or comment that is offensive, threatening or libelous, please contact
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The University of New Mexico - UNM

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