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Flat Earth And Other Hot Potatoes

Flat earth, conspiracy and other topics too hot to touch. The revolution won't be televised... it's on YouTube. Keep it flat! -Patricia Steere Along with flat earth, I have discussed NASA, the ISS, satellites, asteroids, meteors, 9/11, The Boston Bombing, Sydney Siege, Charlie Hebdo, the Virginia TV shooting, the holocaust, shill name calling in the flat earth community, drinking your own urine, fasting, veganism, vaccines, GMO's, CERN, the Bible, God, Jesus, end times, prophecy, mainstream media, propaganda, the Archons, the Nephilim AIDS, race relations, the slave trade, hallucinogenic drugs, transhumanism, the transgender and gay agenda, not voting, and more. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel!
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Flat Earth And Other Hot Potatoes

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Found: 20.10.2015


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