ParArth : Living for Others, New Delhi, India

ParArth : Living for Others Pararth: Living for Others is a student led initiative aimed at helping different sections of society through a series of programmess, designed to cater prevalent societal issues. The main aim is to make people put utmost belief in themselves and live a life of dignity. The name itself is indicative of being ‘selfless’. Our basic target is to make people aware of existing realities and motivate them for a collective action, through intensive use of their will power. THE BEST WAY TO FIND YOU IS TO LOSE YOURSELF IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS There's an old dictum. 'Life is a flux, nothing stays still' exemplifying our ceaseless efforts for the search of Nirvana. With all certainty, the theory of 'Individualism' has overpowered 'humanity'- nourishing a flavor of distrust, making us deprive of our own fundamental value of being selfless. HELP US in making this a feeling of past. Call: +91-9958837681
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ParArth : Living for Others, New Delhi, India

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Category: Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)
Found: 20.10.2015


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