Love and Other Enchantments

An anthology of 15 short stories on "One Sided Love" by a group of 5 authors-Akash Deep, Anuj Kumar, Ishan Dafaria, Maliny Mohan and Tanima Kedar. Short stories are magical. They take you on a walk through the liveliest of alleys, a few resplendent, while others torn between the subdued shades of white and black, to finally melt away, leaving your mind smeared with the most vibrant of hues, like a richly flavoured delicacy dissolving into the hidden recesses of one's senses, all in a matter of few minutes. The beauty is enhanced further if the theme reflected upon is love, for no feeling has conquered human minds like love in its multifarious forms. Here we, a group of five writers, knit together by the bond of creativity and a passion for writing, present before you 'Love And Other Enchantments' a short story anthology, showcasing fifteen stories that depict, with much ardour, the depth and sheer poignancy of unrequited love.
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Love and Other Enchantments

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