Other Desert Cities

Combining Ben Paley's songwriting with Charles Wanless' Production comes "other Desert Cities" NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE BAND FROM WASHINGTON, "Other Desert Cities" WITH THEIR 2006 RELEASE "On the Verge of Collapsing" -- "other Desert Cities" (with an intentional lower-case "o" because of the freeway sign found in between Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ on the I-10) gets its name from a peculiar spelling on a freeway sign between Ben Paley's home in Tempe and Charles Wanless' home in Hollywood. The two first worked together many years ago while gigging around Phoenix while they were in college, each honing their musicianship before Ben would decide to pursue Music full-time at Arizona State University, while Charles studied Audio Engineering and Production at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences. The month before Charles moved to Los Angeles, he invited Ben over to record a few riffs and melodies that he had in mind, and after working at a recording studio in Burbank, Charles had put together a demo of Ben's song called "I Carry Your Heart." After hearing it for the first time, the two knew they were on to something special, and decided to make an EP to test how well the sound would be received. In a marathon session at Wava Studios in July of 2015, Charles tracked all the songs on "The History of What's to Come" during a three-day visit Ben took to LA, and by September, Charles had filed paperwork for his label and publishing company "CRWrecords" which released the EP in October 2015! Ben and Charles are already working on new material after an overwhelmingly positive reception by multiple music reviewers.
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Other Desert Cities

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