Bully Kutta & other large dog breeds, Gujrat, Pakistan

Please join our site and help us grow our community. The Bully Kutta, a molosser type of dog is considered as the pride of Pakistan although this rare dog breed has actually originated in India. The Bully Kutta was developed in Thanjavur and Teruchi, the districts in southern India. "Kutta" means dog. The "bully" in the name was derived from the Hindi word bohli which means heavily wrinkled. The Bully Kutta name was purportedly given as the dog has a heavily wrinkled face. Bully Kutta is oftentimes referred to as Indian Mastiff and Sindh Mastiff as the breed originated on the area that part of the Sindh district. The Bully Kutta is believed to have descended from ancient breeds of molossers like the Alaunt and was developed during the Colonial rule of the British in India. Pakistan 50140 Gujrat Pakistan Call: 03456978345
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Bully Kutta & other large dog breeds, Gujrat, Pakistan

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