The Other

The Other is a 1972 psychological thriller film directed by Robert Mulligan, adapted for film by Tom Tryon from his novel of the same name. It stars Uta Hagen, Diana Muldaur, and Chris and Martin Udvarnoky.PlotIt's a seemingly idyllic summer in 1935, and identical twins Niles and Holland Perry play around the bucolic family farm. Holland is an amoral mischief maker, though sympathetic Niles is often caught in their shenanigans. Niles carries a Prince Albert tobacco tin with him containing several secret trinkets, including something mysteriously wrapped in blue wax paper, and the Perry family ring, which had been handed down from their grandfather, through their father, to Holland, the older twin. Niles asks Holland to confirm that the ring is now indeed his. "Cripes yes, I gave it to you," is the response. Niles asks Holland to take the ring and the wrapped object back, but Holland insists "I gave them to you, they're yours now." Their obnoxious cousin Russell, whom the boys call "Piggy Lookadoo" behind his back, finds them in the apple cellar below the barn--a place they are not supposed to play--and happens to see the contents of the tobacco tin, including the ring. Russell cryptically states that the ring was supposed to be buried, and promises to "tell on" Niles to his father, Niles' Uncle George. Uncle George padlocks the door to the apple cellar to keep the kids from playing there, but there is another stairway inside the barn, giving them access to the cellar.The twins' mother is a frail recluse in her upstairs bedroom, physically weak and emotionally damaged, presumably grieving over the recent death of the boys' father in the apple cellar. (We learn later that that is not all she has to grieve about.) Grandmother Ada, a Russian emigrant, dotes on Niles, and has taught him a psychic ability to project himself outside of his body, for example in a bird; this ability she calls "the great game."
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The Other

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