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Time to Help Each Other

A safe place to chat to people and receive support regarding mental health issues. If you want to chat about any mental health issues you may have, feel free to join and make new friends. We are a friendly, non judgemental group who are available for you to chat about anything you want to. In addition we will post helpful and supportive links, from other organisations which may help you with how you are feeling today. The group is about you, and therefore you can decide what we discuss and how we can help each other. We are not a professional group, and if you feel you need specialist professional help when the group is not being manned, you will find a complete list of contacts in the notes section. Please visit & LIKE our page ..Also Like,Tag & Share our pics and posts... Let's get the message out there..
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Time to Help Each Other

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Found: 20.10.2015


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