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University Express is a youth media network that aims to connect colleges together. More info- This is the official page of University Express Media & Consultancy. About the firm: University Express Media & Consultancy is a youth media network founded on 12th August 2012. The online media provides information about latest news, gossips and events around the campus. It started in Delhi NCR and currently connects more than 75 colleges in the capital. With thousands of subscribers and visitors, the magazine has successfully minimized the distance between the colleges. University Express has partnered with more than 70 youth events and have worked with more than 25 companies seeking advertisement and consultancy. The brand popularly known as ‘UE’ has gained huge response among the youth and has number of engaged fans on all its social media platforms. THE MAGAZINE University Express through its columns provides latest news and buzz across the campus. Other than news, it is quite popular with the review section. From food to movie to technology to start-ups to books to travel, we provide reviews of almost every product and activity that interests youth. The online portal also discusses various economical, social and political issues. We also interview eminent and inspirational students as well as alumni who motivate the young guns of our nation in some or the other way. Apart from the regular articles, we also report certain interviews or news visually on our youtube channel. We believe in changing the society for better. The social foundation brings story, events and interviews of various people and organisations (NGOs) who are doing something good for the society. Also, we spread awareness about various social causes. To know more about the company and the services we provide, visit: University Express. 2013© All Rights Reserved. ▐▌▌│▌▌▌│▌▌│▌▌▌▌▐│▌▌ ©✔ Verified Group Original & Official.
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