The Other Side of Morning

Alongside producer Doug Grean (STP/Velvet Revolver), this 4-piece rock band has managed to meld a dynamic, atmospheric sound with hooky melodies. "In the days of hand picked rock stars and American idols, it’s not too often that you discover a band that forces you to stop and take a deeper look because there is something original, something different; something you can’t quite put your finger on. The band is called The Other Side of Morning and their new album, Letters from your Love, the Madman, will awaken you to parts of yourself currently undiscovered. A rawness that goes way beyond skill and perfect notes, this music will grip you from the inside and make you want to laugh, or cry, hide and dance all at the same time. There is something truly original about this music. It’s full of heart, and a whole lot of it. Hard rock meets psychedelic folk, poetry with a twist. Combine that with sheer talent, and a lot of charm and The Other Side of Morning is like finding the toy at the bottom of the cracker jack box and discovering that it’s just what you’ve been looking for.” - Anonymous fan "Part psychadelic, part prism for your ears, it is a fantastic mix of sound that makes you want to sit back and sip off the ole jug... Creative, unique, mellow and hard, but mostly just a good twist to the sounds of old with a new spirit." - Rick, "...Letters From Your Love, The Madman is a very diverse album. The guitars aren't always distorted and in-your-face... hell, the four aren't even hesitant to mic-up an acoustic, creating a nice, warm depth. There's no over-compression of the tracks, leaving the space wide open for a vast range of dynamic quality, instrumental and vocal panning included... I couldn't possibly classify this band in one category. The Other Side of Morning has taken flavors of those raw sounds with countless other imaginable influences and formulated a distinctly different, new breed of rock." - Kyle Patrick,
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The Other Side of Morning

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