Petals on the Wind

Petals on the Wind is a novel written by V. C. Andrews in 1980. It is the second book in the Dollanganger series. The timeline takes place from the siblings' successful escape in November 1960 to the fall of 1975. The book, like the others In the series, was a number one best-seller in North America in the early 1980s. In 2014 it was adapted into a Lifetime original movie.PlotPetals on the Wind picks up right where the previous book, Flowers in the Attic, left off: with Cathy, Chris, and Carrie traveling by bus to Florida after escaping Foxworth Hall. Still weak from the effects of the poison that killed her twin Cory, Carrie gets sick on the bus and other passengers complain. Suddenly Henrietta "Henny" Beech, a large African-American mute woman, rescues them and takes them to the home of her employer, 40-year-old widower Dr. Paul Sheffield of Clairmont, South Carolina. At first the children refuse to reveal their identities, but when Cathy is convinced that Dr. Paul genuinely cares and might be able to help them, she tells him their horrifying story of being locked up for 3 years and poisoned by their mother and grandmother. He convinces them to stay and applies for and eventually receives custody of them.Though they all thrive under Paul and Henny's care and start fulfilling their dreams (Chris heads to premed and then medical school; Cathy gets into a local ballet school and then one in New York City), Cathy is still bitter and bent on revenge against her mother, seeing her as the root of everything wrong in their lives from Carrie's anguish over Cory's death and her own failure to grow properly and the social problems this causes (this includes a deeply traumatic experience at a private school she was sent to), to Cathy and Chris' incestuous obsession with each other. Cathy is still deeply drawn to Chris, even as she rejects his advances and insists that she loves him only as a brother and he must find someone else to love.
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Petals on the Wind

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