Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School, Pondicherry, India

Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School is a higher secondary school for boys in the union territory of Puducherry, India started in 1844.HistoryThe history of Petit Seminaire dates back to 1844 as a seminary attended by 89 students of whom 25 seminarians. In 1873 it became a public college. In 1880, Petit Seminaire stopped receiving government subsidy, and has maintained its financial independence.The student population showed an increase from 800 in 1903 to 1100 in 1907, of whom 700 were Catholics. In 1932, the English section was upgraded into a high school, preparing boys for matriculation and was affiliated with the Madras university. In July 1978, Petit Seminare was born again, this time as Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School, offering two courses of study at the higher secondary level.The school's motto is "Nil Magnum Nisi Bonum" meaning "Nothing is great unless good".When Fr. J. Paul became the principal of the school in December 1984 there were 3,500 students and when he left the strength was 6,100. He produced 100% results quite a few times both in Matriculation and higher Secondary. The school got the first few Ranks consistently in Puducherry territory.CurriculumLanguagesTamil is taught as a compulsory subject to all students up to 3rd standard. Tamil, Hindi and French are offered as optional from 4th standard onwards.Physical health educationPhysical training and health education is given to all the students from Lower Kindergarten to Higher Secondary level. 'Human Resource Development' subject is taken from 4th standard to 9th standard. sellaperumalpet, lawspet 605008 Pondicherry India Call: 0413-2254653
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Petit Seminaire Higher Secondary School, Pondicherry, India

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