Sean Brennan - Artist Page, Pasadena, United States

Sean Brennan is founder, song writer/musician for London After Midnight. Vegan, progressive activist. LAM on iTunes: ________________________________________________ Please also "like" the London After Midnight Page and join the LAM Group: - Like the Facebook LAM page: - Like the Facebook Sean Brennan (Musician Page): - Add Sean as "friend" or subscribe to Sean's updates on Facebook: - Join the Facebook LAM group: Buy LAM music on iTunes: - - Join the LAM Mailing List: - Subscribe to LAM on YouTube: - Follow LAM on Twitter: - Follow Sean on Twitter: - Follow LAM on Instagram: - Join the LAM Community: - Add LAM on MySpace: - Add Sean on Google+: - Follow Sean's blog: - Near Russia? Add Sean on VKontakte: - Join the semi-official LAM group on VKontakte: LAM CDs, stickers, shirts and more are available in all online stores as well as the LAM website: See a large list of online stores all over the world that carry LAM CDs here. PO Box 747 91102 Pasadena United States
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Sean Brennan - Artist Page, Pasadena, United States

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