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Thank You - Non-Profit NGO, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

School doesn't go to kids, so let's take them to school We are creating this Non Profit organization in order to help kids in need, families in need. Our principal ideas are to help them with books, wearing, health issues, gifts etc. The most important thing for us is helping kids have to have a chance to study. Many of them quit going to school because they are far from the bigger villages where they can study further on. I would like to provide them with transportation since their families often quit sending them to school because they cannot afford to pay around somewhere between 4 to 10 euros day/child transportation to school and back. It makes us sad to think that their future depends on this small, yet unavailable sum of money. Romania is a beautiful country, but there are poor people too. Poverty however is not the true problem, lack of education is. Parents do not have to pay for education, but they do not see the benefits in spending a part of their hard earned money on sending the kids to school. Education IS FREE in Romania until the end of high school and most universities also have places with no tuition for the best achievers. But GETTING THERE, or to put it bluntly, transport to education IS NOT FREE and neither are auxiliary books and materials. This is where we can leave our mark.
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Thank You - Non-Profit NGO, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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