CAHPO - Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization, Kabul, Afghanistan

Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization - CAHPO مؤسسه عمل اجتماعی برای التیام فقر Background information: The Community Action for Healing Poverty (CAHPO) is a non-government, non – profit, non-political organization established in March 2009 by a group of volunteer professional employees within structure of Civil-society Empowerment Network (CEN) to help and support needy Afghans, women and children. CAHPO has started its activities with smallness steps, but greatness of the purpose, which is based on the humanitarian assistance to combat prevailing poverty on community level. A group of volunteer professional and experienced employees of CEN member organization (including CoAR) and other international organizations come together to help and support Afghan through establishing CAHPO. We believe that unity, faith and mobilization of Afghan community can reduce the miseries of Afghans sourced by increasing poverty. The entire employees of CAHPO have been working for CoAR on different capacities and jointly have implementing many success projects in Afghanistan and Pakistan. As a result of needs assessment and capacity assessment, CAHPO has been established via organizational split and properly registered with Ministry of Economy, the NGO Dept – Reg No. 3047 and has continued its projects operation as normal as before with new manner under CEN umbrella. There is several national organizations working under CEN umbrella along with CAHPO and established proper interactive mechanism for exchanges and sharing various experiences and resources. CAHPO has been registered with (ACBAR) and Afghan NGOs Coordination Body (ANCB) and AWN for coordination and cooperation. Similar, CAHPO is registered with respective line ministries such as the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock. The CEN member provides appropriate technical and other essential supports to all member organization including CAHPO. Within the rural development sector, CAHPO focus on interventions relating to: - Agricultural recovery and food security - Improved access to primary healthcare services - Social and economic infrastructure rehabilitation - Income generating activities - Women’s empowerment initiatives - Strengthening of business sector via varicose means - Formal and informal Education - Advocacy for rural development through reducing poverty In the disaster risk reduction - DRR sector, CAHPO –CEN focus on: - enhance the capacity of communities to cope with and reduce the level of disasters - coordinate activities with local government offices and disseminate information about disaster management - Replicate successful CBDRM (community-based disaster risk reduction) models from existing geographic locations to other parts of the country - Raise public awareness about disasters In the sector of M&E and Research, organization endeavor to: - provide adequate and updated data for development interventions - strengthen the capacity of the M&E department to meet international and national standards Call: +93 (0) 777 501 600
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CAHPO - Community Action for Healing Poverty Organization, Kabul, Afghanistan

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