Black Apron Event Services, Bethpage, United States

Black Apron Event Services LLC is a premier event staffing and event planning company based on Long Island. "Hospitality is a family tradition – one that we love to share with everyone we meet." Following in your father's footsteps is no small thing, especially when his reputation with the most prestigious hospitality destinations in the world - was second to non. Being a banqueting aficionado for over 40 years means you're bound to have a few tales to tell and a lifetime of knowledge to pass down... and that's what he did. Today my brother and I bring all of our father's experience and much more to your special occasion, providing a full event service that begins and ends with a smile. This is hassle-free event management in the truest sense.Working tirelessly to ensure a seamless hospitality service that provides everyone from bartenders to waitstaff and grillers to service captains. Every member of our team is personally trained and coached by us to a faultless standard before they set foot in your home. If there's one thing that we learned from a true captain of his trade, it's that great service and attention to detail guarantees success. You have a unique opportunity to share this with your guests and experience quality service like no other. Like us, you'll feel proud to have invited Black Apron Services into your home. 22 Parkview Cir 11714 Bethpage United States Call: (646) 418-4576
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Black Apron Event Services, Bethpage, United States

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