Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思

A group of Hong Kong lawyers dedicated to promoting core values of rule of law, judicial independence, democracy, human rights, freedom, and justice. 法•政•匯•思 Lawyers and Progress 法律,是政制的基石。 Law is the foundation of all political systems. 法律,亦是公民社會的基石。 Law is also the foundation of all civil societies. 政制下的當權者行使其獲公眾賦予的政治權力及在推動政策時,亦應受到法制及法律的制衡,確保當權者不能濫權。這就是法治精神。 In any polity, when those in power exercise their political power vested by citizens or implement policies, they are subject to restraints imposed upon them by the legal system and by the law, so that they cannot abuse their power. This is the essence of the rule of law. 可惜,香港在法、政層面上都受到前所未有的衝擊,一切都以保守、維穩至上。天空烏雲密佈,我城黯然無色。 Alas, Hong Kong is facing unprecedented legal and political challenges. Conservatism and so-called stability now trumps all else. Our city risks losing its shine in this ferocious storm. 「法治」已被當權者扭曲被貶為純粹「依法」。 The rule of law has been misrepresented by those in positions of power as demanding submission and for all to obey. 「司法獨立」就變成一個當權者倡議應該向不同範疇的所謂「國家利益」等政治因素投降的價值。 Judicial independence has become a value where those in power are demanding its surrender in the face of various forms of "national interest". 「民主」就被當權者以謊言包裝為人民沒有真選擇的怪物。 Democracy has been packaged by the lies of those in power into a monster that offers citizens no genuine choice. 「人權及自由」亦被當權者視為阻礙他們橫行無忌的障礙物。 Human rights and freedoms are seen by those in power as nothing more than obstacles to their perceived omnipotence. 「公義」已被當權者遺忘了。 Justice is now all but forgotten by those in power. 在這歪理當道的時代,我們一群法律界人士決定放下業界內事務律師及大律師的區分,團結地匯聚一起為捍衛法治、司法獨立、民主、人權、自由、公義等核心價值發聲。我們會利用我們的法律專業及思維,以不同的方式在社會及社區廣傳這些核心價值。 In these times where falsehoods are now readily peddled as truths, we stand united as barristers and solicitors in the upholding of the rule of law, judicial independence, democracy, human rights, freedoms and justice. As legal professionals, we will use various means to spread these fundamental values in society and in local communities. 維護法治精神、關心政制政事、匯集業界人士、廣傳進步思維。我們就是 《法政匯思》。 Upholding the rule of law. Caring about our polity. Bringing together members of our profession. Espousing progressive values. We are the "Progressive Lawyers Group".
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Progressive Lawyers Group 法政匯思

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