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BarefootLaw uses Information-Technology to provide free legal information, guidance and support. What do you do when you have a burning legal question that needs an urgent and accurate response? If you do require a legal opinion and/or legal advice on any aspect of Ugandan Law, then welcome to “BarefootLaw”. BarefootLaw is the first online Legal Service Provider in East Africa, and a Community Service Organization, fully registered in Uganda as a company limited by guarantee, managed and run by Lawyers trained in various aspects of law and dedicated to timely responses to any query you may have. Our mandate is to use available tools of Information Technology to disseminate the law services and education cost effectively. At BarefootLaw, we believe the primary focus of Legal Aid should be to educate citizens about their rights and equip them with Legal knowledge aimed at the prevention of the occurrence of a Legal wrong, as opposed to a reactionary focused legal aid aimed at dispute resolution, after the legal wrong has occurred, as the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. To access our services, simply submit your legal question by posting it on our wall, sending a message through the inbox, or by email to, sit back and prepare to receive the best, most concise and insightful FREE legal advice in Uganda within 24 hours!! Weekends included! Do not hesitate to contact us with any legal query you may have as this service is 100% FREE! Yes that’s right, it’s free; we are giving you FREE LEGAL ADVICE for all queries. In a world where almost nothing is FREE we are revolutionizing all things law related! In addition to the free services offered, BarefootLaw has introduced Premium services including Legal Document drafting, due diligence and so much more. If you do have any questions related to BarefootLaw, or our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone at +256 751529937 i.e +256751 LAWYER; Skype, “barefootlaw”; email at, or send us a private message on Facebook. BarefootLaw services can also be accessed through our international partners as follows; Britain: Contact CameronClerke Law on +44 7956 584664 (UK) Australia: Contact PashaLegal on +61 414603411, 1/605 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster, Victoria 3134 Australia Call: Office: +256 414 660 539; +256 392 177405
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Barefoot Lawyers- Uganda, Kampala, Uganda

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