Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, London, United Kingdom

Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR) is a registered charitable trust (1142158) and was set up by UK-based practising lawyers and law students in London in 1988, during the first intifada in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights (LPHR) is a rule of law focused human rights organisation which became a charity in 2011. LPHR’s primary strategic aim is to achieve the positive advancement, protection and transformation of the human rights situation for Palestinians. LPHR works, both in the UK and abroad, on legal issues focused on protecting and promoting Palestinian human rights. It pursues its goals through a combination of human rights education and advocacy, research and monitoring projects, technical and legal advice, lobbying, and utilising human rights mechanisms of domestic and international institutions. Where possible it takes its lead from, and co-ordinates its work with, lawyers and human rights organisations in the region. LPHR is a membership organisation. Membership is open to anyone, but particularly those with an interest in the legal, rather than political, issues relating to Palestinian human rights. To join us, please click here. LPHR also gratefully welcomes charitable donations. To valuably support our continued work, please click the JustGiving Donate button at the top of the right sidebar.
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Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights, London, United Kingdom

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